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Big Shot™ Treatment

Most Toronto men would opt for a penis enlargement if they could trust that it was safe, non-surgical, and really worked. It’s the reason Big Shot™ is rapidly gaining popularity.

Some studies suggest that up to 2/3 of men wish they could add size and girth to their manhood. And why not? Today, cosmetic enhancements are nearly as popular for gentlemen as they are for ladies, and we believe that it is because men have realized that simple, proven procedures can help them look and feel better, while simultaneously improving their outlook on life significantly.

So why not join them and make the changes that you really want?

Across Canada, penis enlargement pills and pumps are sold online. More than you might think! However, skepticism about the effectiveness of such products and their safety is warranted.

The Big Shot™, at Sovereign Male, was created to enhance penis size and male performance, along with the expert guidance necessary for lasting solutions.

We know that it’s not always easy to talk about this sensitive subject, and navigating penis enlargement product marketing can be both frustrating and disappointing. That’s why natural, instant Big Shot™ penis growth is now available without surgery or gimmicks.

Sovereign Male has blazed a trail at the forefront of research and innovation. We’re leading the way in men’s health and aesthetic medicine, and our fastest, “growing” treatment just for men is in high demand.

Ask us about non-invasive penis enlargement with Sovereign Male specialized injectable techniques. Our reputation brings men like you to our male-centric, downtown Toronto clinic for the measurable results they seek. Get the facts about male enhancement, erectile dysfunction, and our most popular, Big Shot™, under the experienced supervision of our plastic surgeons.

What Is a Normal Penis Size?

It’s more common to feel self-conscious about “size” than you may think. But it’s also important to know that what many people consider “small” is actually average-sized.

Facts every man needs to know:
  • Non-erect length doesn’t predict erect penis length.
  • 5+ inches or 13 cm is the average length of an erect penis.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing yourself to feel like a “Big Shot™.”

Your reason for choosing Toronto’s top penis enlargement is all your own. Our team is on a mission to help men fine-tune their bodies, right down to the most intimate of details.

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Big Shot™ – Toronto’s Proven Penis Enlargement Solution

Men are curious about penis filler. Typically, this treatment involves the non-surgical enlargement of penile tissue using dermal filler injections, rather than surgery or stretching devices. Knowledgeable, experienced filler administration is critical for excellent outcomes, because not all products are created equal. The Sovereign Male doctors use only Health Canada-approved products for injection and have carefully calibrated our renowned penis enlargement formula for the very best result. The Big Shot™ treatment quickly and safely increases penis size for firm results without surgical risks or recovery time.

The Big Shot™ can even increase flaccid penis length up to 50%!

Our proprietary technique induces the long-lasting collagen and the elastin scaffolding required to build thickness and length, deep inside penile tissue. This effect reduces retraction post-erection (think “less shrinkage”).

Our patients love that they can finally ditch the “grower, not a shower” explanations and enjoy body confidence in all situations. Simple changes often have a powerful impact on the way a man carries himself each day.

Patients will be advised to repeat their Big Shot™ treatment after 1 to 2 years, but the often need less product for maintenance.

Possible complications to know about and straightforward recovery instructions will be provided to you during your one-on-one consultation at Sovereign Male.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Increasing penis size used to mean a choice between surgery or pills. A lot has changed, and we’ve come a long way in recent years.

While surgery can yield unpredictable results or potential scarring, oral supplements marketed as “natural” may also contain unregulated or unsafe ingredients. And they don’t grow penile tissue.

Our Big Shot™ treatment for men is as safe as in-demand cosmetic services like lip filler.

Using our platelet-rich gel matrix formulation, patients see their enhancement taking shape right before their eyes as instant girth and length are added.

You’ll begin your appointment with a confidential meeting where your Sovereign surgeon will discuss your concerns, examine you, and offer personalized recommendations. We often book penis enlargement treatment on the same day as a consultation to accommodate our out-of-town guests and busy Toronto professionals.

The best part is that your enhancement can take as little as 1 hour. Since you can return to most activities right away, the Big Shot™ can have a powerful positive impact, without disrupting your daily routine. Only you need to know about your procedure.

Is Penis Enlargement Painful?

Good news! The Big Shot™ comes with massive results, but our process is surprisingly comfortable.

To begin, we’ll apply topical anaesthetic to numb your skin. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers contain strong “freezing” agents, so most people report no pain during injection.

To formulate your personalized platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum, we draw a small sample of blood from your arm. PRP can assist with restoring penile function along with firmness and tissue strength. The plasma and platelets derived from your blood contain over 20 different growth factors that we process into a serum for injection. That means that your Big Shot™ penile enhancement stimulates cellular repair, increases blood flow, and triggers regenerative stem cells. The rejuvenating effects will continue to take shape after your treatment.

Peyronie’s Disease is a common condition involving penile scar tissue that may curve or restrict the shaft. The disease may also hinder erections.

Sovereign Male offers advanced, non-surgical therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction related to Peyronie’s Disease, which means that you can improve both the form and the function of your manhood at Sovereign Male. When you schedule a Big Shot consultation, ask about our ViaSure treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Are You Ready for The Big Shot™, Toronto?

Whether you’re seeking a little or a lot more to work with below the belt, you’re in the majority.

Penis enlargement may not be discussed as openly as breast implants, liposuction, or lip filler, but it is becoming far more mainstream for men just like you to invest in their body image. Procedures like penile enhancement and ultra-natural hair transplantation are in the same category as luxury car investments, fashion, or bodybuilding. Men work hard to deliver their A-game, and the Big Shot™ makes leveling up their endowments easy, realistic, and achievable.

If penis growth were found in a pill, millions of men would have done it by now! Precise treatment in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon works directly on desired tissue growth, without any guesswork or gambling on supplements or devices.

At Sovereign Male, we have a nationwide reputation for delivering natural-looking penis enlargement that works instantly and lasts! We customize enhancement plans for each man and his unique goals.

Ask to see our impressive penis enlargement before and after photos for measurable, honest results, then get ready to boost your confidence with the Big Shot™!

At Sovereign Male, our specialized combination treatment delivers the double benefit of performance-enhancing PRP, with size- and girth-increasing penis filler. Here’s what you can expect from your penis enlargement treatment:

In a spacious, private suite, your practitioner will draw about 20 mL of blood (just over a tablespoon). While the serum is prepared, your groin will be cleansed and prepped for treatment.

We use a strong numbing agent to anaesthetize the tissue, so you won’t feel the injections. Fine, sterile needles are used to inject both filler and PRP. The P-shot targets the areas that are the most integral to sexual sensation and function.

Next, filler is strategically injected around the penile shaft, which takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. You’ll instantly see size and contour improvements. You’ll be free to leave the office and return to light activities, with just a few restrictions to ensure your comfort and safety while healing.

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