Excessive Sweating Treatment in Toronto

Excessive Sweating Relief

Hyperhidrosis treatment is finally safe, effective, non-surgical, and available at Sovereign Male. We have good news for men who sweat excessively! MiraDry® is the newest non-invasive way to stop sweat in Toronto.

Maybe you’re that guy who keeps his jacket on in the summer to cover up wet marks on his shirt. You might be fed up with aluminum-heavy, prescription antiperspirants, deodorizers, armpit pads, and wardrobe limitations.

You may hesitate to speak in front of a group, go in for high fives, or get close on a date because you’re thinking about excessive perspiration and hiding it the best you can. Even clinical-strength antiperspirants can’t always help, and medical treatments may seem daunting.

There are some things you can’t change, but others you don’t need to accept. Millions of people now eliminate wetness and odour permanently, the natural way. We think you’ll be thrilled when you find out just how easy hyperhidrosis treatment is.

Toronto men who choose MiraDry:

  • want to feel more confident in their jobs and careers
  • want to avoid unsafe chemicals and toxins in their bodies
  • may love wearing stylish clothes
  • are busy people with minimal time for appointments
  • no longer want to be “clinical strength” antiperspirant users
  • want to get closer to people they care about
  • want to avoid surgery and painful recovery
  • are ready to ditch excessive sweating misery – for good

Sovereign Male offers the newest, proven laser technology in the industry. Our elite team of aesthetic medicine experts provide practical and minimally invasive hyperhidrosis treatments that work.

Our clients have wished for a safe, surgery-free way to stop excessive axillary (armpit) sweating for years, because it takes a significant toll on their lives. Medications, gland excision surgery, and neuromodulator injections were the best available hyperhidrosis treatment options up until now.

We believe that we can always strive for better, safer, and more natural hyperhidrosis options, and MiraDry has made that a reality.

At Sovereign, our clients suffering from hyperhidrosis in Toronto are treated fast and enjoy lasting results with no incisions, no scars, and no downtime.

How do you know if you have hyperhidrosis?

If you sweat more than can be controlled with regular antiperspirant, you may have the condition known as hyperhidrosis. It can affect hands, feet, and even the face, but the most common hyperhidrosis treatments are aimed at the axillary (armpit) region. Hyperhidrosis symptoms will often send people to their doctor for prescription-grade antiperspirant.

Approximately 4 million sweat glands cover your body and produce sweat to help regulate temperature. Triggers that increase sweat include environmental heat, exercise, fear, or embarrassment and even consuming spicy food. In men who have hyperhidrosis, sweating occurs almost constantly and is triggered to increase very easily. This condition primarily affects people aged 25 to 64.

How do you get rid of hyperhidrosis?

How does MiraDry work to cure hyperhidrosis? This technology is a clinically proven, Health Canada-cleared treatment for underarm sweat. MiraDry works by delivering controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm and entering the apocrine and endocrine glands responsible for sweat and odour. The glands are destroyed by the laser energy, but the surrounding tissue remains intact and unharmed. On the surface, no visible signs of damage are seen. Minor and temporary redness may occur post-treatment.

Conversely, hyperhidrosis surgery cuts through the skin to excise the sweat glands directly. MiraDry destroys the glands safely without any skin damage and with no recovery time required.

How effective is laser sweat treatment at Sovereign Male?

Our patients note immediate improvements after just one MiraDry session. Roughly 80% of armpit sweat is reduced, according to patient reports. You may have a follow-up session advised or achieve the lasting effects you want from just one hyperhidrosis treatment session.

Is hyperhidrosis treatment with MiraDry safe?

This new, non-invasive laser technology uses microwave energy, so it’s non-ablative. That means it will not cut, burn, or otherwise damage your skin. This quick, in-office hyperhidrosis treatment procedure doesn’t require downtime. Our practitioners use a numbing agent to keep you completely comfortable throughout your treatment, and you’re free to leave and resume your day right away.

You may wonder about health implications related to eliminating sweat glands. After all, sweating is natural, right? You are correct, and there’s no need to worry about your natural thermoregulation after treatment. Only 2% of your sweat glands are located in the axillary region. The body carries on sweating normally in other areas, and the few hyperactive glands that were causing your armpit trouble will simply no longer produce sweat.


Hyperhidrosis treatment doesn’t only keep you dry!

There’s an incredible bonus benefit that the men at Sovereign love. Body odour produced by the same glands MiraDry targets will no longer be able to create its characteristic odour. The smell of “B.O.” is a well-known problem that nearly everyone faces, and the deodorant/cologne industry never lacks for customers. You can eliminate this problem along with sweat, because when the eccrine and apocrine glands are destroyed, they no longer sweat or smell.

Your underarm hair will stop growing in the region treated as well. Just smooth, dry, fresh-smelling skin all day long can be your new reality.

Imagine no longer considering a second shower before going out. No longer layering on cologne or worrying about your fabric choices. Imagine a life where checking on the status of your armpits isn’t part of your day. This single treatment is more effective than anything you’ve ever tried. Join the tribe of men at Sovereign Male who’ve eliminated hyperhidrosis and have regained control of their lives.

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