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by | Mar 29, 2022 | Treatments

No doubt, feeling self-conscious about penis size – length or girth – can be demeaning and frustrating. Though we don’t always talk openly about these things, a significant number of men across demographics share this concern.

Some research suggests that men worry more about their penis size than their potential romantic partners do. There are also misconceptions about just what the ideal size is for a man. Thankfully, the truth is that the “ideal” or average size may be smaller than you think. However, if you could enlarge your penis safely and quickly, without surgery or drugs, would you be interested?

Toronto’s Sovereign Male, a guy-centric cosmetic clinic, is changing lives for men just like you who want to feel better about their manhood. The results are measurable, instant, and lasting. It’s not a gimmick, and it’s not too good to be true.

Here’s how you can do it too.

Non-Surgical Penis Enhancement Toronto

What is penis filler with PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy)? Platelet-rich plasma is a natural serum derived from your blood that stimulates tissue regeneration where it is injected. This powerful autologous substance has been used across medical fields for decades to successfully aid in healing post-surgery, minimize recovery times for sports injuries, and even grow hair!

PRP is changing the cosmetic industry and causing a buzz in men’s sexual health, because it’s a drug-free way to increase blood circulation, tissue growth, and strength when treating the penis.

Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA) are derived from a water-loving molecule found nearly everywhere in the body. HA is a natural volumizer and hydrator. When molecules are cross-linked to hold a gel-like form, this substance can be injected superficially to add volume and improve skin contours.

You may have heard about dermal filler injections for the face used to plump lips and soften wrinkles. But did you know that penis enhancement with dermal filler is gaining popularity?

Sovereign Male combines PRP and HA filler for immediate sculpting and volume enhancement with long-lasting effects.

The dynamic combination of these two substances used for penis size enhancement not only produces instant girth increases that you can see and feel, but PRP also continues to work for months after treatment, rejuvenating penile cells and blood flow.

What Are the Benefits of Penis Enlargement Injections?

The Internet abounds with fake claims and products for improving penis length. Capitalizing on a problem that affects men’s mental and emotional health is incredibly unfortunate, and some cases of unsafe, unregulated substances used for injection or penis implant complications could have you feeling nervous about the risks of penis enlargement.

Rest assured that penis filler in Toronto utilizes safe, Health Canada-approved HA filler, and PRP is not among these problematic procedures.

Choosing an experienced, licenced, and skilled medical injector is your first step toward safe enhancements that you’ll love. HA dermal fillers do not have permanent plastics, silicone, or collagen in them. Your body will gradually absorb the HA as the gel structure slowly breaks down over a span of 9 to 12 months.

Filler does have the benefit of stimulating your own collagenesis, however. Due to this fact, patients typically find that their results last longer than expected, especially with repeat treatments.

PRP has been shown to generate new blood cells and tissue growth due to the stem cells and concentrated growth factors that it contains. There is no risk of rejection or allergy to it, because it is derived from your own blood.

Considerations for any medical injection treatment can include bruising; mild, temporary soreness at the injection site; and more rarely, bleeding, infection, or uneven contours. Your practitioner will explain the risks and benefits to you along with exactly what you can expect from your penis enlargement at Toronto’s Sovereign Male.

The cost of this procedure is much lower than surgical solutions or ongoing pharmaceutical treatment. The recovery time is minimal (patients leave the clinic and resume their daily activities right away). And thanks to the topical numbing agents and local anaesthetic contained within filler, penis enlargement is much more pain-free than many people expect.

Talk About Penis Enlargement with Toronto’s Male-Centric Clinic

We understand the sensitive concerns that men have. We handle all inquiries and consultations with confidentiality and empathy. When you book your private appointment with us, we’ll listen to your concerns and help direct you to options that may get you back on track, including laser therapy, PRP, penis filler, erectile dysfunction treatment, ultrasound technology, and more.

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