Penis Enlargement in Toronto: The “Fast-Growing” Cosmetic Trend for Guys

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Treatments

Toronto penile enlargement treatments are making big changes right where it counts for men.

While breast implants are still a top-requested cosmetic procedure for women across the globe, cosmetic surgeons have finally caught on that men have body confidence goals too.

Did you know that a significant percentage of guys worry about penis size and performance? Even when they are relatively well endowed (studies show that the average penis size is smaller than many think). More than half of men across demographics say they’d like a little more to work with. Or a LOT more.

And its not just about sex. Penis enlargement patients state that their overall self-confidence improves in numerous areas, including romantic and professional, when they boost their manhood.

The cosmetic industry caters to women, while men have been left to make the best of what they’ve got. However, with the introduction of safe, non-surgical penis enhancement now widely available, we think we’ll see augmentation for men become just as common and socially accepted as pumping up cleavage and curves.

Are Men Really Increasing Penis Size and Length Without Surgery?

You’ve heard of penis growth pills, pumps, and gimmicks. Maybe you’ve tried them. No doubt that if you have, you’ve joined the ranks of disappointed, wishful thinkers who are still searching for a penis growth treatment that really works.

Men in our society face pressure regarding their bodies and sexual performance. Some blame the porn industry; others blame social media. But if you feel inadequate or you’ve always wished you could be better and bigger than average, you’re not alone.

The latest cosmetic surgery data shows that penis enhancement procedures, specifically penile cosmetic injections, are increasingly in demand. Sovereign Male in Toronto sees multiple penis enlargement or erectile dysfunction (ED) clients every week, and the numbers are growing (literally).

Here’s What You Need to Know About Penis Size and Enlargement Options

An average erect penis is only about about four and a half inches in girth and five and a half inches long. That means that chances are, you’re not as “small” as you think.

Yet in this “bigger is better” society, we can’t blame over half of men for wanting more penis length and girth. We cannot downplay the significance that a man’s body confidence plays in the societal pecking order and in his mental health, attitude, and mindset.

There was a time when penis enlargement meant surgery, either to release a ligament at the base of the pelvic bone or to insert a penile implant. With mixed results, lengthy recovery times, and potential complications that were uncomfortable to say the least, it’s no wonder that penile enhancement without surgery has become a worthy pursuit for men.

Enter PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) injections, also known as the P-shot.

  • Safe – check!
  • Non-surgical – check!
  • Natural – check! Yes, really!

PRP is derived from your blood and is made from your own potent growth factors and plasma. When injected into the penis by a skilled doctor, it’s an effective growth booster for penile muscle, collagen, and blood vessels.

PRP is known to accelerate tissue healing through angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) and to stimulate collagen and elastin, which build strong tissue. We’ve utilized PRP in surgical and sports medicine settings for decades, but now this impressive regeneration therapy has been harnessed for penile enlargement.

Men who receive the P-shot treatment are typically in and out of the clinic in just 45 minutes, without painful recovery time or the risks associated with surgery. Results build over the months following injection as stem cells go to work building new tissue. Not only does penis size increase following PRP, but thanks to increased blood flow, erections are stronger and longer-lasting, which makes it a go-to therapy for erectile dysfunction as well.

Penis Enlargement Is Big at Sovereign Male

At Sovereign Male, we’ve taken PRP penis enlargement up a notch with the instant volume-enhancing properties of dermal filler.

HA (hyaluronic acid) dermal filler is a clear gel derived from the hydrophilic lubricating substance found nearly everywhere in your body. HA molecules are crosslinked to hold a thick gel form for several months before slowly being reabsorbed by your body.

You may have heard about filler used to plump lips and contour cheekbones or even noses. This sculpting tool produces instant results with a stellar safety profile, and nothing can increase penis size or improve its shape right before your eyes the way that filler can.

A combination of PRP and penis filler offers:

  • Instant penis growth – for length and girth
  • Recontouring / smoothing imperfections
  • Boosting natural collagen and elastin for strong, resilient tissue
  • Improved blood flow to penile muscle tissue
  • Improved erections and diminished ED symptoms
  • Instant confidence, with size increases of up to two inches!
  • Long-lasting results with maintenance suggested twice yearly

Want to know more? Call today for your confidential, in-person consultation and discover your options. Men just like you often choose to proceed with a quick, convenient penis growth treatment on the spot. You can see penis enlargement before and after photos, have all your questions answered, and take the next steps to get your mojo back at Sovereign Male in Toronto.

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