B-12 Shots

Are you diagnosed as having low B12?

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

B shots — what do they do for you? Toronto’s Sovereign Male caters to the growing population of health-conscious men in the GTA. We offer vitamin B12 injections, also known as B shots, for people who feel a little “off” due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

If you’ve been diagnosed as having low B12 or you’re missing several essential nutrients in your diet, this is one way to get a powerful shot of energy back in your life instantly.

Whether you’re interested in vitamin B-12 shots in Toronto for weight loss, for mood, for energy, or to supplement a restrictive diet, this simple, safe treatment packs a wealth of benefits.

B-shot breakdown: What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, part of the “B complex.” These essential vitamins are grouped together and are found naturally in many foods.

Most of these are animal-based, which is why vegetarians and vegans are more likely to be B12-deficient. Common sources include meat, fish, and dairy. This vitamin is also added to fortified cereals and is available as an oral supplement.

Vitamin B-12 injections are prescribed most often to people who have dietary deficiencies or pernicious anemia, which impairs absorption. This type of anemia is linked to impaired uptake of vitamin B-12 because of deficient intrinsic factor (IF) produced by the stomach. People who have digestive and autoimmune diseases may also demonstrate a B12 deficiency.

Types of B-12

When you look in your health food store or in your pharmacy, you’ll likely see tablets labelled “vitamin B12” on the shelf.

Methylcobalamin is the most active form of vitamin B-12 found in the human body. It converts homocysteine into methionine, providing overall protection of your nervous and cardiovascular system.

Cyanocobalamin is the cheaper and more commonly available version of vitamin B-12. It’s synthetic and is derived from cyanide, which is low enough to pose no concern for toxicity, but most manufacturers claim the methylcobalamin form is more bioavailable and yields faster results.

Hydroxocobalamin is found in food and converts to methylcobalamin in your body.

Adenosylcobalamin is the least stable form of vitamin B-12.

What causes
B12 deficiency?

Numerous issues may lead to poor uptake or inadequate supply of critical vitamins and nutrients. People diagnosed with B-12 deficiency often have one or more of the following factors:

  • Age: Over 40
  • Diet: Vegetarian or low in meat and animal products
  • Heartburn medications
  • Anemia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Regular/high alcohol consumption
  • Atrophic gastritis (thinning of the stomach lining)

Signs that you may need a vitamin B-12 shot

Vitamin deficiencies are often hard to pinpoint. Many people suffer from numerous symptoms before they head to their doctor for assessment. The signs of a B-vitamin deficiency can mimic many other concerns, and it’s important not to self-diagnose if you experience concerning changes in your health. See a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

The great news about low B12 is that people often suspect a more serious problem until they discover that a B-shot is all they need to get back on track. Review the following symptoms, then talk to your doctor about your options.

  1. Dizziness
  2. Numbness or prickling sensations
  3. Pale, dull skin
  4. Memory loss
  5. Fatigue
  6. Vision problems
  7. Mood swings
  8. Smooth tongue
  9. Muscle weakening
  10. Shortness of breath
  11. Heart palpitations
  12. Digestive issues
  13. Skin, nail, and hair problems

Correcting your B12 deficiency with supplementation

A high-quality multivitamin or sublingual B12 supplement may be enough for many people to get what they need.

If you’re a vegan or over the age of 50, you may want to consider a supplement, since your body might not get what it needs from food alone.

The benefits of vitamin B-12 shots

Vitamin B-12 shots are an easy way for men to increase their energy and improve their mood. Because this element of the B-complex is critical for red blood cell formation, brain function, energy production, and nerve health, supplementing with vitamin B12 can affect a person’s whole life in powerful ways.

Do B-shots really work?

The beauty of vitamin B-12 shots and the reason why many of our Toronto clients choose the injection over oral supplements is that intramuscular shots bypass the stomach to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Therefore, people who have gastrointestinal deficiencies that make absorption poor can benefit from optimal effects right away, rather than wasting vitamins with poor uptake or metabolism.

You may be taking expensive supplements only to lose a significant amount of the active ingredients as they pass right through your system. Not everyone absorbs vitamins and minerals the same, which explains why people get mixed results when they supplement. Have you been taking vitamins and feeling little to no improvement? The route you choose could be the issue. When you meet with our wellness team at Sovereign Male, we’ll assess your vitamin uptake and could recommend IV vitamin therapy or vitamin B-12 shots to get you back on track fast.

Stop wasting money on supplements you can’t absorb. Targeted bloodstream enrichment via vitamin B-12 shots means that you reap all the benefits of your vitamin therapy without missing any. Men leave our centre feeling instantly revitalized.

Are there side effects from the B shot?

It’s essential to consult with a doctor before you receive any injections – even relatively safe and natural ones. Your doctor will ask you questions before treatment, and you should let them know if you are taking any medications-prescription or otherwise. Some drug treatments can interact with the B12 shot.

Your vitamin B-12 shot will just take a few minutes. Most of our busy clients are professionals on the go, and we schedule fast lunch-break treatments or whatever suits you best.

Most people don’t report side effects from this treatment, but a few that you can expect include temporary soreness and inflammation at the injection site, a strange taste in the mouth (this goes away within a couple of hours), or a mildly upset stomach as you adjust to the boost of vitamin B-12 in your system. After vitamin B-12 shots, most people report feeling flush with energy right away and positive side effects that they quite enjoy.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have any concerns like pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or weakness.

Sovereign Male understands men’s health

As an elite and comprehensive cosmetic wellness centre in Toronto, Sovereign Male serves a high number of men compared with general cosmetic clinics.

Our doctors, nurses, and specialized practitioners understand that self-care for health-conscious and appearance-conscious men is just as essential but different from the female approach.

We offer discreet analysis and help for male enhancement, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, men’s skincare, and so much more.

If you’re depleted, stressed, and exhausted, your appearance will begin to show it. Investing in yourself and your health will pay off. You can improve your mind, mood, and outlook when you feel your absolute best. Let our experts recommend a personalized treatment approach for you.

Our process is fast and accommodating for busy schedules

Sovereign Male’s modern, stylish facility at 59 Hayden Street offers comfort and discretion. Vitamin B-12 shots are one of many natural and effective ways we help guys reach peak performance. What could they do for you? Book your consultation, and we’ll see you soon.

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