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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often referred to as “impotence.” An estimated 30 million men in Canada and the U.S.A. suffer from this condition, so our doctors see men of all ages and backgrounds for treatment. ED refers to difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. Within the umbrella term, erectile dysfunction, there are numerous symptoms and separate conditions thmen experience. Sexual difficulties tend to inspire embarrassment, shame, and anxiety. Even though this is a widespread problem affecting numerous men in Toronto, erectile dysfunction treatment is rarely talked about openly.

Our doctors offer expert male-centric aesthetic and wellness care. Roughly 40% of our cosmetic clients across the Sovereign MD landscape are male, so we understand men’s issues and dedicate an entire suite of curated services to the guys in our community. Men are speaking up and demanding better treatment options to improve their health, performance, and appearance. Sovereign Male treats higher numbers of men than other Toronto cosmetic clinics, because we offer comprehensive and diverse opportunities for health-conscious men. From hair restoration to hormone therapy, male enhancement to men’s skincare, we understand the issues that are the most important to you.

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What causes erectile dysfunction? This issue is divided into 2 primary categories based on what’s causing it: physical ED and psychological ED.

The physical issue may be caused by the injury or other impairment of the nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis. Because an erection depends on ample, unimpeded blood flow, circulation problems have a direct effect.

Impotence can also be caused by hormone imbalances, drugs, alcohol, uncontrolled diabetes, and smoking. Nerves that are damaged from spinal cord injuries or degenerative diseases also lead to erectile dysfunction.

On the psychological end of the spectrum, erectile dysfunction arises from stress, fear, anger, frustration, trauma — any number of emotional and mental difficulties. “Performance anxiety” describes a concern related to anticipated dysfunction or embarrassment, which can itself cause the anticipated problem.

Premature ejaculation is a subtype of erectile dysfunction that men in Toronto face. Some men actually avoid sex because of fear that they won’t satisfy their partner. This can cause relationship difficulties and severe self-esteem issues.


Do you think you may have symptoms related to erectile dysfunction? The issue of ED can present differently for each person and may look like:
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Weak erections
  • Trouble gaining or maintaining an erection
  • Loss of libido (desire for sex)
  • Performance anxieties
  • Low sex drive


What is low libido?

Have you considered the role that hormones play in your health, well-being, and male performance enhancement? At Sovereign Male, our doctors and specialists offer comprehensive consultations to help you consider a wide variety of influencing factors in your sex life.

The primary sex hormones often drop off for men in midlife and sometimes sooner. If your sexual desire has been reduced, you’re not alone! A low sex drive isn’t the same as impotence, but a constellation of problems could be working against you, so hormone analysis is often beneficial. Other physical causes of low libido include alcoholism, drug use, obesity, diabetes, and certain medications.

Both the estrogen and the testosterone that men and women rely on for optimal sexual health are manufactured from your body’s cholesterol. Therefore, caring for whole-body health, a healthy BMI (body mass index), and managing cholesterol are foundational places to start when getting your body into peak performance.

Get the support you need

Psychological factors that may contribute to your erectile dysfunction warrant professional and compassionate counselling. When you meet with our knowledgeable specialists, we’ll listen to your concerns, talk about the numerous factors in question, and direct you to the appropriate ED intervention to help get you on track.

Depression, stress, poor sleep, and many other causes of erectile dysfunction can benefit incredibly from professional counselling services and psychological treatment. Or if your erectile dysfunction stems from a physical problem, we’ll help you determine that and direct you to the right interventions.

How can Sovereign Male help?

After your complete, consultation, we’ll recommend a customized course of action to address erectile dysfunction, depending on your individual assessment and your goals.

You may choose hormonal therapy, such as testosterone replacement, to boost energy levels and get your libido on track.

Nutritional and health counselling can also revive your natural hormonal balance and vigour.

What is penis enlargement with PRP / filler?

We offer penile enhancement (penis enlargement) treatments through a unique process of dermal filler injection and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). Platelet-rich plasma is a potent, cell-regenerating serum created from your own blood. When injected precisely into the muscular tissue of the penis, the plasma generates new blood vessel formation, natural collagen, and elastin, which increase size and strength as well as enhance performance.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are made from a hydrating substance, HA, naturally found in your body. This safe filler dissolves over time, but it stimulates collagen to thicken and strengthen the tissue wherever it is placed. That means that men who are treated with penis injections enjoy a natural boost in size, strength, and erection performance. The treatments can be repeated and maintained once per year for optimal results.

Though it may sound a little unnerving, this completely non-surgical treatment is done with effective local numbing and extremely fine needles, so there’s no incision, pain, or scarring to worry about during treatment. Your practitioner will describe pros and cons of male enhancement using filler. They will also let you know what benefits and risks you should consider. For men who qualify, this is a safer option than surgery and allows for fast treatment with little to no time off work.

If you’re seeking a discreet and comfortable option, come talk to the experts at Sovereign Male about filler and PRP injection for erectile dysfunction in Toronto.

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