Scrotal Reduction Lift

Scrotox (Scrotoplasty) in Toronto

What Is a Scrotum Lift?

Scrotum reduction surgery is also referred to as scrotoplasty or a scrotal lift. At Sovereign Male in Toronto, this procedure is done to remove excess skin on the testicles, restoring the area to a smoother, more youthful-looking appearance.

This procedure was originally designed to repair scrotal abnormalities and injuries. However, scrotal lifts are becoming more and more popular for purely cosmetic reasons. Excess skin and stretched muscles surrounding the testicles can lead to physical discomfort, and some men find the appearance undesirable.

If you feel self-conscious about your genitals or if scrotal sagging is affecting your sex life, your comfort during physical activity, or your confidence, scrotoplasty could help.

Our 13,000-square-feet cosmetic centre offers curated skincare, hair transplants, and cosmetic surgery for men. Our licenced medical specialists span the nutrition, urology, and plastic surgery fields with in-depth knowledge of men’s health and male-centric enhancements.

Why Choose Scrotal Reduction Surgery?

The scrotum is comprised of skin and muscle surrounding the testicles in a man. Just as ageing and gravity take their toll on facial skin over time, the genitals also change with age. Scrotal skin is typically elastic, but we lose natural collagen and tone with time, which can lead to more wrinkles and folds and a lower scrotum position. Sagging testicles, though relatively common, can cause discomfort during exercise, riding a bike, or even sexual intercourse. There is also a perception of age that some men associate with their lower-hanging testicles. They want a solution to lift the testicles up to their former, firmer shape.

Scrotoplasty is performed to improve the look and feel of excessive sagging of the scrotal skin. It is a completely customizable and personalized procedure, because each person’s genitals will have unique characteristics, sizes, and shapes to begin with. The desired result will be discussed and planned by you and your surgeon. It can be performed alone or along with scrotal webbing surgery, which removes excess skin at the base of the penile shaft to increase the visible penis length.

For some men, relatively small aesthetic changes can dramatically impact their comfort and body image. Your reasons for choosing scrotum reduction will be all your own.

Scrotal Reduction Lift Toronto

How Is a Scrotal Uplift Done?

Scrotal reduction surgery is a day procedure performed at Sovereign’s fully accredited Toronto surgical centre under general or local anaesthetic with IV sedation.

Your surgeon will mark the areas to be removed before the procedure begins and show you the adjustments that they plan to make. During the operation, an incision is usually made in the natural crease where the scrotal halves join so that it is hidden. Scars are virtually undetectable once they have healed.

The procedure involves just the skin and superficial integument, so the testicles within are not altered.

The surgeon removes excess skin, then lifts up the scrotum to approximate edges and suture the opening. Dissolvable sutures are often used. They fall out on their own after roughly 3 weeks.

Benefits of Scrotum Reduction

Scrotum reduction surgery for men can deliver several benefits with a very small downside. Some of these include:

  • Relief of testicular pain during strenuous exercise
  • Reduction of uncomfortable scrotal friction or displacement in tight clothing
  • A more youthful appearance of the scrotum
  • No need to lift up or hold the testicles when using the toilet
  • Improved confidence and comfort during sex
  • Immediate improvements in skin smoothness and a fuller, firmer scrotum

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Scrotoplasty?

Men of all ages and diverse backgrounds can be candidates for scrotoplasty. Though excess skin and laxity often come with age, genitals come in a variety of shapes and sizes naturally. Some people decide at a younger age that they want to improve a characteristic of their scrotum. If you’re thinking about scrotal reduction, you may have:

  • concerns about the shape and size of your testicles
  • discomfort in the scrotal area during routine physical activities
  • stretched skin on your scrotum due to injury or aging
  • confidence or self-esteem issues related to a scrotum appearance that you find undesirable

Candidates for scrotal reduction surgery should be in good general health with realistic expectations about the benefits, risks, and possible results. You should be prepared to take a short time off of work and to pause physical activities, including sex, until you’re completely healed.

Recovery and Considerations for Scrotum Reduction Surgery

After your procedure at Sovereign, you’ll relax in our comfortable recovery suite for a time before you’re cleared to leave. Your surgeon will use a long-acting anaesthetic in the treatment area to keep you comfortable, and you’ll have a prescription for pain medication and an antibiotic. Most people describe recovery as manageable with some mild swelling and bruising for roughly 1 week.

This is a sensitive area of your anatomy. Because gravity affects sensation and inflammation, you’ll be advised to rest and avoid long periods of standing or vigorous activity for the first week or two. Supportive underwear helps offload strain and reduce swelling after surgery.

You’ll be advised to abstain from sex or masturbation for 4 weeks to avoid irritation and tension on your incisions while they heal. As well, it’s essential to stay out of swimming pools, hot tubs, and baths until the incisions close, because those things pose an infection risk.

Your scars will likely reach maximal strength at 4 to 6 weeks. You can expect them to be faint and flat by 6 months in most cases.

Your surgeon will review known risks related to this procedure and common considerations for surgery such as unexpected bleeding, infection, scarring, or unsatisfying results. The best way to ensure that you have an outcome you love is to choose a skilled, experienced surgeon and follow post-operative care instructions. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments for you to keep track of your progress and answer any questions you may have.

Schedule Your Consultation for Scrotal Reduction at Sovereign Male

At your private consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have, to be heard, and to receive honest, straightforward feedback. After an examination, our surgeons usually offer one or more options to help you achieve your goals.

Though it’s not often talked about, having a sagging, stretched scrotum can negatively affect a man’s confidence and self-esteem. He might find that the awareness of it detracts from the enjoyment of his sex life or causes constant annoyance and discomfort. If this describes you, you don’t have to live with the frustration any longer.

Sovereign Male provides bespoke, male-centric enhancements and genital rejuvenation procedures in a welcoming, modern, professional setting conveniently located in the heart of the city. Our specialists are knowledgeable in the issues specifically relevant to today’s men, and we know that even a small change can sometimes have lasting effects on the way that a man carries himself and enjoys each day.

Today, a growing number of guys like you are taking control of their appearance and body confidence. We’ll be happy to meet you and guide you through the next steps.

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