Penile Fat Injection

Fat Injection for Penis Enlargement

Penis Fat Injection

Fat injection for penis enlargement is more common and more successful than you may know. If you’re seeking options to enhance the way you look and perform, you’ve joined a growing number of men in Toronto for whom penile fat injection is making all the difference right where it counts.

Penile enlargement can involve several different procedures, all designed to increase the length and girth of the penis. Fat injection, also known as autologous fat transfer, is unique in that it uses a person’s own fat cells to create lasting changes.

It also carries relatively few risks and a quick recovery time that busy men appreciate.

The male cosmetic surgery industry is booming, and you may have noticed marketing energy directed toward manscaping, men’s skincare, Brotox, and new male enhancement treatments. The realization that a man’s drive and self-confidence can benefit from even small self-improvements has driven innovation in the critical area of men’s sexual health and body image.

At Sovereign Male, we have answers to the questions you really want to ask. Our discreet, male-centric clinic was designed with you and your best life in mind. Talk with one of our specialists about fat injection today.

What Is Penile Fat Injection?

Fat transfer involves 2 surgical procedures completed during the same visit to the clinic.

Fat injections anywhere on the body are used as a sculpting, volumizing tool to enhance the size and shape of an area. When purified fat stem cells are injected under the skin, a significant percentage of the natural material will take hold and thrive where it is placed.

Your living fat cells can be one of the best ways to increase soft, natural volume in a body area without concerns about synthetic implants or foreign materials. Fat injection also allows visible changes to be made without leaving noticeable scars.

Before your penis enlargement procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will remove fat cells from another body area where you have a little extra. For most people, the abdomen or thighs are a suitable source.

Fat extraction is done with liposuction, and it requires a general anaesthetic to put you to sleep during the process.

  • Liposuction

Free fat transfer (FFT) with liposuction came into practice in the late 1800s to improve soft tissue defects. Since then, meticulous technique advancements have allowed for the greater survivability of transferred fat cells. That means smaller amounts can be used to add volume that lasts – thanks to healthy, viable cells and minimal trauma to the treatment area.

The liposuction process removes fat through a small, blunt-tipped cannula. A filtration and purification process removes blood and other components to extract a pure fat stem-cell solution ready for injection.

  • Fat injection

After fat harvesting, the purified solution will be injected evenly to the superficial, mid, and deep layer of the Colles’ fascia on the penile shaft.

Gentle injection techniques help ensure fat survival, though a percentage of the material injected will be naturally reabsorbed by the body during the recovery phase.

You can count on roughly 30% of the harvested fat cells surviving, sometimes more. Fat tissue is highly vascularized, so its survival requires integration with the surrounding tissue for revascularization. Long-term success requires a careful injection technique and delicate post-operative care.

What Makes Fat Injection Successful?

Fat-grafting procedures are minimally invasive, economical, and don’t require the insertion of foreign materials or implants. It’s easy to see why more people are choosing this natural penis size enhancement over the alternatives. However, not all treatments or providers offer the same lasting results. A few critical factors will affect your long-term satisfaction with penis fat injection.

The success of fat injections depends on:

  • Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon

The science of fat transfer surgery is an emerging and evolving field. As more research and practice experience reveal better ways to perform fat grafting, leaders in this speciality adapt their methods for ever-improving results. The known drawbacks of unsuccessful surgery can include fat cell death or uneven contours, but surgeons who regularly improve their techniques have the knowledge and skill to mitigate risks. With the advanced techniques used for fat harvesting at Sovereign Male, we can achieve high rates of fat survival and fat injection before and after results that impress.

  • Realistic expectations

While visible enhancement to both the length and girth of the penis is possible with fat injection, the results depend very much on the initial starting point, quality, availability of fat for transfer, and the body’s individual recovery process. Your surgeon will discuss realistic expectations for your results and the pros and cons that you should be aware of.

Immediate results can usually be expected, with the final look revealed over a few months. Patients often gain 1 to 2 inches in length and up to a 30% increase in width.

Penile Enhancement

Who Can Benefit from a Fat Injection Penile Enhancement?

Penis enlargement by fat injection uses your body’s fat cells reimplanted to increase the penis length and girth. It is a cosmetic procedure, which means that it affects the appearance of genitals but is not designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or other medical problems.

The ideal candidate wishes to increase the length and width of their penis because of aesthetic concerns or a genetic malformation. Your Sovereign plastic surgeon will examine you and discuss your concerns with you privately. Men who have chronic medical conditions or unrealistic expectations for the procedure will be advised about alternative solutions.

What Is Recovery Like After Penile Fat Injection?

You can expect a few weeks of recovery time following your penis enlargement. However, restrictions for work and most regular activities last only a few days.

Your surgeon will advise you to avoid strenuous activity such as cardio workouts and heavy lifting for 3 weeks on average. Likewise, sexual activity must be avoided for 1 to 2 weeks.

Understandably, the most common question that our patients ask about male enhancement with fat injection is when they can resume sexual activity. Luckily, you won’t need to wait long to show your improvements, because the downtime and discomfort for most patients are brief.

After surgery, you’ll be cleared to return home with a family member, friend, or care provider. Your penis will function normally related to urination and erections, but you may see mild bruising and swelling and feel slight discomfort for the first few days.

As part of your post-operative care instruction, you may be advised to massage your penis daily to help reduce asymmetry or lumps from forming. You’ll be provided with follow-up appointments to check on your progress while you heal. You can always reach a patient care coordinator, nurse, or surgeon with questions as they arise.

What Are the Risks and Considerations for Fat Injection?

While this surgery is essentially scarless and boasts a quick recovery time, it is vital to understand that all surgical procedures come with inherent risks. While rare, some of these include unexpected bleeding, infection, or reactions to anaesthesia. Swelling, temporary numbness, or bruising to the area are typical and are treated with rest or medication, as directed.

Choosing a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon can greatly reduce the risk of complications after fat injection, including fat necrosis due to impaired blood supply, nodule formation, uneven contours, and fat reabsorption. Your surgeon will discuss these considerations and how you can ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment.

At Sovereign Male, our specialized combination treatment delivers the double benefit of performance-enhancing PRP with size- and girth-increasing penis filler. Here’s what you can expect from your penis enlargement treatment:

In a spacious, private suite, your practitioner will draw about 20 ml of blood (just over a tablespoon). While the serum is prepared, your groin will be cleansed and prepped for treatment.

We use a strong numbing agent to anaesthetize the tissue, so you won’t feel the injections. Fine, sterile needles are used to inject both filler and PRP. The P-shot targets the areas that are the most integral to sexual sensation and function.

Next, filler is strategically injected around the penile shaft, which takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. You’ll instantly see size and contour improvements. You’ll be free to leave the office and return to light activities, with just a few restrictions to ensure your comfort and safety while healing.

Penis Enlargement Candidate

Do you want to improve penis length and overall size with no scars, stitches, or time off work? Imagine changing how you feel about your body within a 15- to 30-minute appointment.

There are side effects to consider with any treatment, though the more severe risks of surgery for the penis are mitigated with this non-surgical option. To learn whether you’re a good candidate for penis enlargement, simply book a consultation.

Your private, confidential consultation will allow you to share concerns and questions, then consider the entire process before deciding. The risks and benefits of penis enlargement will be detailed for you. Your physician will also let you know what you can achieve realistically. Each person is unique, and your physical exam will help determine what your personal needs and options are for penis enlargement.

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