Penile Frenulectomy

also known as frenuloplasty

Tight Frenulum

Penile frenulectomy, or frenuloplasty, is designed to alleviate discomfort and health issues associated with a tight frenulum. The frenulum is the band of tissue that connects the glans of the penis to the shaft. When a frenulum is too tight in circumcised and uncircumcised men, it creates a restriction that makes the penis susceptible to micro-traumas, painful erections, and sometimes bleeding.

You may not be aware that a tight frenulum can also be a contributing factor in premature ejaculation. Some men notice pain with arousal or have questions about the appearance of their anatomy, but they hesitate to seek medical advice.

Removing the restriction on the underside of the penis is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure that can bring relief, free range of movement, and enjoyment back into a man’s sex life.

Sexual health can be a sensitive subject for men. So at Sovereign Male in Toronto, we provide discreet, experienced assessment and treatments for a range of men’s cosmetic and health concerns in a welcoming, professional environment. Our plastic surgery, urology, and wellness experts understand the physical and psychological factors related to men’s bodies. We strive to help guys look and feel their vital best. If you’re struggling with an issue that makes you feel self-conscious or makes erections painful, we’re here to help.

What is Frenulectomy Treatment in Toronto?

The frenulectomy procedure at Sovereign Male can be done in just 20 minutes with a local anaesthetic. It involves the removal of restrictive tissue on the underside of the penis, which allows for an increased range of motion and comfort.

Frenuloplasty can lengthen the frenulum, relieving issues such as tightness, bleeding during sex, or erectile dysfunction (ED).

Frenulum breve is the medical term for frenulum tissue that is too short. Vigorous activity, masturbation, sex, and even friction in clothing may be uncomfortable for a man with this condition. But thankfully, a skilled urologist can easily assess and correct the problem through a simple outpatient treatment. The procedure has the functional goal of releasing tight skin to improve the ease of movement during sexual intercourse, improving pleasure and reducing discomfort or trauma.

Frenulectomy involves using a long-acting local anaesthetic that freezes the area during and for a time after. Because the tightness of the frenulum will vary between men and the thickness of tissue differs, your in-person consultation and assessment will guide your urologist to customize a plan that’s best for you.

In most cases, once the area is numbed, a small incision allows the release and removal of tight tissue. And in many cases, the incision provides immediate relief and an improved range of motion for the skin of the shaft. Tiny sutures are used to close the incision, and after-care instructions will be provided for your brief recovery period.

Penile Frenulectomy Toronto

Tight Frenulum Skin May Cause ED or Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as uncontrolled ejaculation, which usually occurs shortly after sexual penetration. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can include the loss of an erection shortly after beginning intercourse. Understandably, struggling with any sexual dysfunction often has mental and emotional repercussions for the patient. It may negatively affect their partner and sex life as well. Anxiety related to sex is sometimes unavoidable for men struggling with ED, and that can add to the problem.

Premature ejaculation is extremely common. Some estimates are that between 30% and 70% of men are frustrated by it during their lifetime. Men who suffer from PE or ED may avoid sexual intimacy because they worry about their performance.

While there can be numerous underlying reasons for sexual performance issues, taking steps to meet with a knowledgeable medical professional often sheds light on contributing factors and helps reveal treatment options. Some studies suggest that a short frenulum is a contributing cause for over 40% of men experiencing PE. That’s because this small area of penile tissue plays an important role in erections, so tension there can dramatically affect penile sensitivity in an undesirable way. Frenulum tension can also cause pain and a distraction that causes men to lose their erections.

Sex should not be painful. A tight, restricted frenulum is a common and treatable problem. If you’re not sure why you’re dealing with these concerns, seeing our urologist at Sovereign Male could help you find answers and relief and help you rediscover a fulfilling sex life again.

Natural Treatments?

Unfortunately, short frenulum tissue doesn’t tend to change on its own. Some people advise special stretching exercises for the penile frenulum, but because each person’s case is unique and this skin can be particularly tough and strong, manual stretching does not usually work and can be painful.

Some men suffer through ineffective exercises that only add to inflammation and diminished sexual enjoyment because they don’t realize how simple and effective a frenulectomy can be.

The only way to completely remove the thickened, constricting band of tissue is a surgical frenulectomy. It is considered minimally invasive. With great care taken to ensure functional and aesthetically pleasing results, most patients heal quickly with little to no visible trace of a procedure.

The benefits can be significant, however. Many men report relief and dramatic improvements in their sexual experiences and quality of life. Even more reassuring is the fact that most patients describe the process as virtually painless.

What Is Recovery Like After a Penile Frenectomy?

You can expect to see mild swelling or bruising at the site of the procedure. In rare cases, minor bleeding may occur briefly. Your doctor may advise you to take a short course of antibiotics as a precaution. They will also let you know which activities you should avoid while healing.

Though the incision used will be small, until you’re completely healed it is essential that you stay away from activities that may increase your infection risk. These include baths and hot tubbing, swimming, and sexual intercourse. Your doctor will review the risks related to the procedure with you during your consultation. Most of these can be mitigated through normal precautions and a few minor restrictions.

The recovery after frenulectomy is typically quick and comfortable. You may or may not need to book a few days off work, depending on how strenuous your job is. You may be advised to take pain medication briefly, if needed. However, it is not common to experience pain requiring prescription medication after this procedure.

Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to leave our office right away and resume most regular activity. If you have sutures at the surgical site, they’ll take 3 to 4 weeks to dissolve. During that time, you’ll be advised not to have sex and to handle the area delicately. Once the incision is completely healed and strong, your doctor will clear you to get back to all the physical activity you love, including more pleasurable sex.

Will a Frenulectomy Affect My Foreskin?

Frenulectomy can be successfully performed for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. The frenulectomy treatment only releases the tight tissue directly underneath your penis where the foreskin attaches to the glans. If uncircumcised, your foreskin will remain and appear unaltered.

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