Scrotal Mole Removal

Unwanted mark or mole on the testicles?

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Mole Removal

Men can be just as self-conscious about their bodies as women. If you have an unwanted mark or mole on the testicles or elsewhere on your genitals, it’s reassuring to know that you can safely and easily remove it.

Cosmetic urology for men is not commonly discussed. However, at Sovereign Male there are numerous straightforward, in-office procedures that we offer such as scrotal mole removal. Scotal moles are typically small, benign lesions, but to our patients, erasing them for good feels great.

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Scrotal Mole Removal – Who Is It For?

As you age, you may notice small irregularities that appear on your skin. Moles are also referred to as nevus. These, along with freckles and other spots, are common and sometimes develop in midlife or later. The skin of the penis and scrotum is not immune. It can show hyperpigmentation, skin tags, cysts, moles, freckles, and more over time.

Most minor lesions aren’t serious and don’t necessarily represent an underlying medical issue, though changes in health, friction, infections, and other factors can contribute to their development. Many people have moles on their bodies that they don’t notice on a daily basis, but if you have such an irregularity on your genitals, you might find it embarrassing or unappealing.

It’s recommended that new, growing, or changing lesions be examined by a doctor to rule out concerns such as cancer. We also recommend that you see a skilled and experienced medical professional for scrotum mole removal, because they will have a variety of treatment options to remove the lesions quickly, completely, and with minimal scars.

People who want to remove skin irregularities like moles on the testicle or penis can receive discreet, experienced treatment at Sovereign Male.

Your doctor will examine you, ask questions about your health and dermatological factors, then recommend one or more safe removal options. These may involve direct excision or laser treatment.

Scrotal Mole Removal Treatment Toronto

How Is Scrotum Mole Removal Performed?

Removing a mole on the testicle is usually a fast, straightforward procedure. It can be done quickly in the clinic without any downtime required. Booking your appointment before or after work or on a lunch break is possible.

A local anaesthetic is injected to make the area numb and keep you comfortable throughout the treatment.

You’ll be escorted to a private treatment suite when you arrive at Sovereign. During the appointment, your doctor will listen to your concerns and examine you to evaluate the mole or lesion you want removed.

Most of our cosmetic mole removal procedures are done for “looks.” That means they are not concerning to the specialist because of the size or shape, and there is no relevant history of skin cancer. If you do have an abnormal mole, your doctor may recommend sending the tissue that they remove for laboratory analysis.

There are different techniques that your doctor may use to remove your mole. These include:
  • Scalpel excision – A scalpel is used to shave off or cut out the lesion. When the excision is a significant size, or if a biopsy of skin immediately surrounding or below the mole is taken, then a few small stitches will be placed to close the incision.

Minor cosmetic surgery performed by a skilled doctor is done meticulously with careful suturing techniques to minimize scars. In some cases, medical tapes close the edges. When a shave removal is done, the surface area heals naturally without the need for sutures.

  • Laser Mole Removal – One advantage of laser mole removal is that it is non-invasive. For moles and skin discoloration that are shallow, or if there are several moles to treat, laser removal can be a good option. Because this method doesn’t involve cutting the skin, the infection risks are reduced, and scarring can be virtually invisible.

During laser mole removal, light or heat energy is directed to the precise skin layer and cells that make up the lesion. As energy targets the cells, they break down and are destroyed. Often, the area will appear greyish for a short time before the treated cells slough off. In some cases when the lesion is flat, immediate improvement in skin tone can be seen. Because laser scrotal mole removal is so precise, once the mole is gone, the surrounding and underlying skin remains healthy and often shows no sign of treatment at all.

Each area treated takes only a few minutes, and you’ll receive a topical numbing medication to help minimize any discomfort. Most patients can return to their normal activities right away and will need only one session.

Considerations and Recovery After Mole Removal

Luckily, this minor procedure usually presents few risks and is highly satisfying. There are few concerns related to any minor excision or laser treatment, including temporary discomfort (sensitivity, redness, and temporary swelling).

After your mole removal, you may be asked to avoid baths, swimming, and hot tubs due to a risk of infection until your incision is completely healed. Likewise, you may be asked to avoid sexual intercourse during this brief time post-procedure.

It is possible to develop a small scar at the treatment site. Your doctor will talk with you about the expectations for this and how to minimize scarring.

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Moles are common, and they can appear anywhere, including your penis or testicles. Most of them aren’t dangerous, but if you don’t like the way they look, you don’t have to live with them. We invite you to book a confidential appointment with our cosmetic urologist to talk about the safe, convenient removal of unwanted marks and moles.

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