Big Shot Compared with P-Shot

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Toronto men choose penis enhancement for self-improvement or medical reasons. Have you considered the various treatment options advertised? At first glance, it might be confusing to compare Big Shot™ with the P-Shot.

If you understand the benefits of conditioning your body in the gym for size, strength, and health, think of Big Shot™ as the proportionate body-building option for what the gym can’t change.

If you’re ready to increase your penis size, you may benefit from our comparison and FAQs below. Discover how Big Shot™ enhances sexual performance and delivers instant growth where you want it most.

Let’s compare the P-Shot and Big Shot™, two popular penile enhancement treatments.

P-Shot – FAQs

  • What Is the P-Shot?

Also called the Priapus Shot, the P-shot is a non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance male sexual health, penile function, and blood flow.

It may also be recommended for erectile dysfunction due to its stimulation of angiogenesis, although further research is needed.

  • What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a serum derived from a patient’s blood. A small sample is drawn from the arm, then spun in a centrifuge to separate the constituents. Once red and white cells are removed, a concentrated platelet serum remains that contains stem cells and growth factors believed to facilitate healing and cell regeneration.

PRP has been used in surgical recovery, sports medicine, and more for many years. Its safety is well established. Because it is 100% natural and autologous, it presents no allergic risk. In recent years, PRP has influenced aesthetic and sexual health medicine for the better.

PRP can also enhance blood flow and sensitivity in women when injected into the vaginal walls or vulva.

  • Who Is a Candidate for the P-Shot Procedure?

Men who want enhanced erections, treatment of sexual dysfunction caused by restricted blood flow, or accelerated healing after a surgical procedure are great P-Shot candidates.

  • Do P-Shots Increase Penis Size?

PRP alone is sometimes advertised as a remedy for penis growth, but it offers only limited, temporary plumping. It stimulates blood vessel development, leading to improved blood flow in the area, and that can enhance the firmness and longevity of erections. However, PRP alone does not usually generate changes in flaccid penis length and girth.

  • P-Shot Benefits

Platelet injections are safe and don’t interact with medications, require incisions, or cause scars. PRP doesn’t leave a trace and builds gradual enhancements in penis form and function. Improved circulation can lead to more satisfying sexual experiences and self-confidence.

Big Shot™ Benefits You Can Measure

Big Shot™ Increases Penis Size

  • Bigger size
  • Improved tissue health
  • Long-lasting functional improvement
  • Instant confidence boost

PRP helps improve tissue health, but what about penis size?

Big Shot™ patients want to enhance their genitals and boost their self-esteem. In the past, there were limited methods to increase penis size safely. Through a powerful combination of natural ingredients, Big Shot™ blends the best of both worlds for immediate growth and long-term circulation improvement.

Does Big Shot™ Increase Penis Size Better Than the P-Shot?

The power of P-Shot (PRP) combined with hyaluronic acid (HA) filler can work wonders for both the length and girth of penile tissue.

Penile fillers are increasing in popularity, just like the more well-known lip fillers used to enhance the perfect pout.

The key to immediate, dramatic penis growth lies in the HA filler. But the reason Big Shot™ goes above and beyond is that it’s not just filler, and it’s not just PRP.

All dermal fillers our clinic uses are approved by Health Canada and have a proven track record of safety. These temporary gel fillers are composed of the same HA molecule that is naturally present throughout your body, and HA filler is designed to hold a gel consistency where injected.

HA fillers are not made of silicone or other permanent material, so they can be quickly dissolved if desired. Topical and injected numbing agents will keep you comfortable and pain-free as well.

The multifaceted benefits of a proprietary formula also go beyond filler, providing long-lasting tissue-strengthening to support erections.

The Big Shot™ Formula

Big Shot™ is like a complete transformation of your sex life, all in one syringe. Our PRGM (platelet-rich gel matrix), filler, and platelet serum was designed to amplify erection strength, improve longevity, and increase size.

Additionally, clinical evidence has suggested that injecting dermal fillers into the glans of the penis can improve erection control and prolong sexual pleasure by creating a hypersensitivity barrier, which allows for extended enjoyment.

Unlike procedures that require patience and make only subtle changes, Big Shot™ can deliver a noticeably larger member during treatment – with no need to wait! As a Big Shot™ patient, witnessing your results unfold before your eyes is invaluable for you.

Are You an Ideal Big Shot™ Client?

Our patients want to increase penis size without surgery, medication, or gimmicks and without waiting.

They value long-term performance enhancement and tissue health that come with blood vessel growth as well.

Big Shot™ candidates are men who want bigger and better!

How Is Big Shot™ Penis Enlargement Done?

We use small needles or a microcannula to inject Big Shot™ directly into the penile shaft. After numbing your skin, the process takes less than 15 minutes on average, and your entire appointment can be as quick as 30 minutes.

You may see minor bruising and experience tenderness for a few days. Within 2 weeks, the filler will integrate with the tissue, giving a smooth and natural look.

You can have your size increased by 20% or more in one session and schedule more visits if you want to.

Big Shot™ Recovery

Good news! Big Shot™ doesn’t require time off work to recover, and you can resume most regular activities on the same day. It is recommended that patients avoid sex for a few days. Your practitioner will discuss potential risks with you before you begin, such as discomfort, scarring, inconsistent results, bleeding, or bruising.

How Long Do Big Shot™ Results Last?

Enhance your manhood naturally with Big Shot™! This non-surgical treatment uses all-natural ingredients and can last up to 2 years. Maintenance sessions every 1 to 2 years are recommended for optimal results. Typically, patients will require less filler to achieve their desired results over time.

The Benefits: Big Shot™ and the P-Shot

– Both are non-surgical

– Both are quick and almost painless

– Both use natural, safe ingredients

– Both have a fast recovery time

– Both can improve the firmness and longevity of erections

– Both can enhance a man’s sex life and confidence

ONLY Big Shot™ Can

– Increase your penis size quickly and dramatically – both length and girth

– Achieve natural-looking results for up to 2 years

– Instantly improve penis shape and contours

– Enhance sexual pleasure for BOTH partners

– Boost your body confidence with or without clothing

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