ED (Erectile Dysfunction): Toronto Men Have More Safe Solutions Than Ever

by | May 24, 2022 | Treatments

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can be an uncomfortable subject for men. And losing spontaneity or confidence in the bedroom can negatively affect every area of their lives.

Because people tend to consider sexual health issues as embarrassing, they often hesitate to seek medical help. They might not know where to look for reliable, fact-based information and solutions. Online searches of “ED in Toronto” are likely to flood our patients with offerings of erection pills, herbs, topical creams, and numerous devices.

Aside from scam product marketing, these Internet solutions may lead to frustration, because the person hasn’t gotten to the root of his issue first.

ED is complex, and the contributing factors can be different between men. Therefore, varied treatments or a combination therapy may be right for you.

At Sovereign Male, we understand. We equip men to understand their issues and take charge. We offer advanced hormonal, laser, injectable, and medication options to treat multiple causes of ED. Our men’s health doctors will be happy to meet with you for a confidential consultation.

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The Basics: What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

A man’s erection is a hydraulic system that uses blood to become and stay hard. During arousal, blood fills the vessels and chambers in the penis, causing it to grow and become erect. For many men, issues with performance begin even before reaching that stage. Your blood vessels, hormones, nerves, and your psychological state of mind all work in harmony to orchestrate an erection.

Some men have difficulty achieving an erection, while others lose theirs frequently or can’t ejaculate. In your own case, there may be a physical, structural, chemical/hormonal, or mental/emotional cause. Unfortunately, once issues begin to appear, the anxiety and psychological barriers that accompany them often exacerbate the issue.

The following are a few of the common triggers for ED in Toronto men:

  • Low testosterone and ED

We see men’s testosterone levels decline with age, dropping roughly 1% each year after age 40. Illness, medications, or injuries can also lead to a dramatic drop in testosterone levels.

Because testosterone is the hormone that fuels a man’s sex drive, when it diminishes, a loss of libido and ED may result.

  • Circulation and ED

ED is usually caused by insufficient penile blood flow. Several physiological conditions might impair the flow of blood reaching your penis during arousal, including heart issues, which your doctor can test for. High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are all linked to ED.

  • Psychological ED

The psychological causes of ED include depression, stress, and relationship issues. To make matters worse, some of the medications used to treat depression and anxiety lower sexual appetite and affect the physical functioning of the penis. Needless to say, recognising that your stress or depression has impacted your ability to maintain an erection doesn’t help with either issue, and you may feel somewhat hopeless.

Luckily, there are treatments for the physical, functional, or hormonal causes. We even have confidence-boosting penile enlargement treatments that you can combine with treatment for ED in Toronto.

There is hope, and you can get your mojo back.

Visiting Sovereign Male in Toronto for ED

Scheduling an appointment to speak with a doctor about intimate issues like erectile dysfunction may seem intimidating. Rest assured, the medical staff and surgeons at Sovereign Male are sensitive to men’s issues. We’ve helped numerous men struggling with ED in Toronto.

We’ll begin by listening to you, understanding what your concerns are, and helping you customise a personalized plan that you can feel great about. Truly, many of our patients feel better after their first visit just because they finally understand their condition better and realize that there are real, effective solutions.

Your doctor may perform a physical exam, and depending on your whole health picture, they may order some tests to investigate physical factors.

While medications like Sildenafil (Viagra) can be effective, there are non-surgical and drug-free options to improve erectile function that you should know about.

The Newest Toronto ED Treatment

ViaSure laser therapy for ED is a powerful breakthrough, and it’s changing lives. Without incisions and with no recovery time needed, this unique ultrasound technology targets root issues in circulation.

Rather than treating symptoms only, ViaSure works to restore abundant blood circulation to the penis while strengthening tissue elasticity. We’re happy to say that there is minimal or no pain at all reported by ED patients, but they do say that ViaSure is a game-changer.

Visit our website to learn more about this 15-minute in-office treatment that can regenerate penile tissue resiliency and revive your sex life. Laser treatment for ED and any number of safe, effective therapies may be part of a comprehensive plan to get yourself and your sex life back on track!

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